Our oranges and clementines are under the integrated production system, with number 47000188.

Water quality is very important in the proper development and maturation of our citrus, and therefore independent laboratories periodically monitor the quality of irrigation water in our fields.
We think the natural fruit is part of the tradition of our culture and we are proud to preserve and disseminate this important matter. Mediterranean Food is very beneficial to the health and the quality of life.
In addition, our agriculture is environmentally friendly, contributing to the conservation of the natural environment and a better world for all.

Oranges harvested at the time of maturity, naturally. We  collect them when we believe they are at the optimum moment of ripeness, acidity and Oranges sugar. At  Nanatur we collect when you place your order to us, we do not store the fruit . We work with the system we call "natur" collection consisting of the immediate packaging and shipping fruit to the customer. We do not collect in rainy days, so we serve at the time that you can pick the fruit so that it arrives at the best condition

The time between order and delivery is approximately 24 horas. Once you received the order , if your are not satidfied with the quality of our citrics (which should be supervised by the trasnportation agency) we will send your order again to you or you would type the amount in the account that you specify.