I am Borja.

My family are from Oliva, and we have always had orange groves.

It was in 1954 when my grandfather bought some land in Riba-Roja.

At the time, buying and swapping fields, managed to combine the 6 acre farm currently has. After my grandfather my father took over the farm, improving it, by grafting new varieties and new plantings.

For years the production of our fields was sold to shops marquistas, but over the years the prices have reached at t point that are not profitable.

In this economy situation we thonk that the best way to sell our products is directly to the consumer via the Internet as the consumer can  benefits from a quality and the farmer receives a price change reasonable.

From Naranjas Nanatur we want to thank you for visiting our website and shop online for  selling oranges-

Naranjas Nanatur has managed to combine the new forms of agricultural production, with subsequent certification of quality and reliability, along with our family tradition and therefore care and concern for the improvement of our orange trees and their fruits, the authentic Valencia orange. Our Valencia oranges, are our way of life, where our family has put years and years of work and enthusiasm, in order to offer the best Valencia orange. Now, also joined our vision of "From the tree, orange on the table," we want to offfer you a new way to shop quality products, offering our Valencia oranges and tangerines, we collect  just when we receive your order, and we take to your home in less than 24hours (approximately), thus retaining the best qualities of the Valencia orange.

Once again thank you very much for visiting our website and let us make known our oranges and tangerines from Valencia.